Plaza de Sevilla
JPD 01 - 08 - 2010

Theories behind successful plazas are very difficult to fully grasp and accomplish. Some plazas appear to be filled only with pigeons, while others
are alive with people and vibrant activity.

Various ideas integrated into the Plaza de Sevilla truly make it a successfu urban plaza. Integrating pedestrians and vehicles provide an organized chaos that is enjoyable to sit and watch. Numerous shops and street vendors offer attractions within the space and encourage day/night use of the plaza. Ample sitting areas along with countless cafes urge Spaniards and tourists to spill into the large plaza. A large fountain sits in the middle of the plaza providing a soothing noise that masks any unwanted sounds from the cars/trains. Each of the many angled streets/walkways/paths merge at the plaza filtering more and more people into the urban space. Plenty of trees supply shade within in the plaza and provide a comfortable cool place to rest during the warmer months. At street level, the Plaza de Sevilla is easily accessible and welcoming to pedestrians and cars.

These many distinct characteristics incorporated into the planning of the Plaza de Sevilla bring people together and encourage interaction between the plaza, the city, and the people.

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