Death Defying
JPD 03 - 14 - 2010

02.04.10_CAIRO Rode a camel today while basking under the sun next to the pyramids.---An extraordinary amount of traffic. Unbelievable. Horns were used constantly, cars swarming, no turn signals, 3 cars in 2 lanes of traffic. Pure chaos.---Pyramids of Giza. Amazing. Sitting in the desert outside of Cairo. Large pyramids. Baby pyramids. Camels. Crawled into the center of one of the giant pyramids. Literally crawled. Surprisingly warm inside. Climbed up a portion of another pyramid.---Off to the camel field. Dane and I were grabbed by a man and after some arguing, we were thrown onto a camel. I thought we were going to break the camel's legs but we had to lean back extremely far for the camel to slowly stand up. Pretty rough ride. Little children smoking. Trotting through the sand. Stepping over rocks. Almost fell a number of times. Tipped the kid.---Sphinx. Bus. Lunch. Papyrus Museum. Egyptian Museum. Dark and eerie. Bus. Dinner. Bus to Alexandria. 02.21.10_SHANGHAI Delicious breakfast. French toast. Fruit. Potatoes. Chinese gardens. Yu Garden and Lingering Garden. A short day trip to Suzhou. Landscape fusing with built forms. Pagodas. Water. Fish. Zen views. Zig-zag paths. Rock forms.---Tour of the silk factory. The sophistication and complexity of such a process. Almost purchased a silk comforter. Amazingly soft.---Dinner at Pizza Hut followed by dessert at McDonalds.---Off to the Acrobat Adventure. Asians jumping through hoops, throwing hats, spinning plates, riding bikes, climbing ropes, balancing on posts, playing with pots…and the ball of death. 5 motorcycles looping and weaving within 1 steel cage. Death-Defying! *Top Image: Pyramids of Giza *Bottom Image: Chinese Garden

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