JPD 02 - 01 - 2010

Green beans for breakfast. Bus tour of Sevilla, Spain for an hour or so. Calatrava bride was spectacular to drive across! But no pictures. Sevilla is much more organized than the other Spanish cities we have visited. Streets are wider. Visible street signs. One river to help gauge your location. Lots of people out and walking. 48F and sunny for most of today…so that was good! Visited Palacio de Sevilla and then explored the Cathedral de Sevilla where some body parts of Christopher Columbus are buried. Walked up 16 stories to the top of the bell tower…but the view was worth it!---Gypsy lady gave me rosemary…then Les pulled me away. Plazas had so much life. People walking, dogs, roller-skating, trains. Saw the exterior of a bullfighting ring. Stepped in dog poop. Ate some chocolate ice cream. Going to get some chicken and fries tonight from the same Spanish lady we went to last night. 01.17.10_NICE Up and at 'em again. Leaving Avignon by bus. 3 or so hour drive to Nice, France. Mountains raising up on either sides of the road. Bruno the best driver ever…maneuvering in and out of sharp turns. We arrive in Nice a couple of weeks before Carnival. Bleachers set up along the sea…Ferris wheels and carnival rides. Nice is similar to a less expensive Monte Carlo. Luxurious and expensive still! Flats rising up all across the hillside. Front row views of the Med. Sea. It was a cloudy and nippy day. Sunday…market day: people everywhere. Flowers, food, fruit vegetables…you name it, they had it. Ate some lunch along the coast on a bench. Walked up to the top of one of the hillsides. Did a quick sketch of the harbor. Yachts everywhere. Back to the bus for our tour of the Fragrance/Perfume Factory.---Hiked up to the top of the Village Eze. More like a labyrinth of skinny streets. Foggy view of the hillside and sea. Drove past Monte Carlo to Menton for our one night stay in our shanty hotel. Tomorrow we hit the casinos of Monte Carlo. *Top Image: Harbor of Nice, France *Bottom Image: Tower of San Gimignano, Italy

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