JPD 03 - 23 - 2010

DESIGN ORP Racing Village. A place for racing fans, drivers, or just anyone to come and enjoy the passion and enthusiasm of the racing atmosphere. The entire site is centered around all types of racing. Streets can easily be converted at times into multiple racetracks. Small. Large. Wavy. Straight. The main stretch can actually function as a drag strip. Large sidewalks and on-street parking along the main stretch allow cars to be displayed for auto shows. Similarly, the common pedestrian promenade that connects to the transit/railway stop converts into another area to display automobiles. Two green corridors flow through the site connecting the racing village with the main racetrack and nearby neighborhood. The green corridors can be utilized in the winter as areas for sledding, ice-skating, or even snowmobile racing. Plenty of green space along with a large number of trees offer ample space to park or camp during events. The density of trees also muffles the noise created by the cars and fans. A large amphitheater connected to the green corridors offers a venue for movies, concerts, or race day events. Mixed-use lines the common promenade, combining activities that would create a dynamic area. In the more private residential sectors, Clermont residents and racers/drivers themselves are mixed with each other. The driver's living quarters provide temporary housing for drivers to train at the track. A racing school is located on axis with the common pedestrian promenade/railway station across the tracks. A racing museum at the corner of the one of the gateways into the village will display the history and future of racing through hands-on exhibits. Architecturally, the museum will provide an attraction for visitors and will serve to filter visitors through the entire site. The ORP Racing Village will be active day/night and at all times of the year. *Left Image: Racing Museum Form Experiment *Right Image: Racing Village Masterplan

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