JPD 02 - 10 - 2010

2025. Thousands of people, honking traffic, charcoal grills, blazing fires, heavy drinking, roaring music, televisions, rv's, loud engines, gasoline, oil, burning rubber, screaming fans, hotdogs, hamburgers, tents, lights, generators, corn-hole, race cars, trucks. The racing lifestyle is not simple in any means. Clermont, Indiana. My hometown project is focused on redeveloping the historic district and open area outside the Raceway Park into a racing driven mixed-use village. The racing village has potential to tie in with strong themes implemented at the nearby Indianapolis Motor Speedway and provide a strong connection between the village, historic district, and speedway. Luxor, Egypt. I find it interesting that I can translate design principles demonstrated by the winding 'paths' of the Valley of the Kings and the Nile River and apply them to a mixed-use racing village. The paths of the Valley of the Kings widen and thin as they move through the valley creating little nodes where multiple paths converge. The winding Nile flows through Egypt with irrigation canals branching off into the east and west banks of the Nile. These artery-like 'paths' fold and wind through the land, branching out into adjacent areas. This idea of folding, branching, and converging paths can be incorporated into the street layout of the mixed-use racing village. The main street cutting through the village can fold through the development providing spaces for small plazas or nodes. The changing widths of the streets along with additions of green medians would help to calm traffic and encourage pedestrian use of the area. I plan to explore this 'path' idea further and look into how it could influence the architecture and landscape architecture of the area. I feel the addition of these 'paths' would add to the energy and spirit of the village and help increase the use of the town. *Left Image: Valley of the Kings Layout *Right Image: Nile River/Design Translation

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