JPD 02 - 26 - 2010

Beijing Olympic Park. The epitome of UNsustainability. An infrastructure utilized effectively only two weeks in a lifetime. No plan for the future. No integration with the city. Low density. Concrete plazas stretching into the endless smog. In order to sustain itself, Olympic facilities must be linked and woven into the urban fabric of a dense and lively city. Beijing Olympic Park does not accomplish that one bit. Located in the northern most part of Beijing, it is detached from the city center and the surrounding context. An Olympic Park functions best and is most suitable within the context of a comparative culture. The Olympics are focused around sports and athletics, two things Chinese culture does not thrive on. Once the Olympic Games left the Beijing site in 2008, so did the spirit and usage of Olympic Park. The Bird's Nest is used on very rare occasions for snow games--surviving on tourism. The Water Cube is undergoing construction converting it into a shopping center. A shopping center not easily accessible thus presumably will be unsuccessful. Beijing's Olympic Park is far from sustainability. Chicago's passion for sports/athletics along with its dense, vibrant city, would prove to be a better candidate for a self-sustaining Olympic Park. *Left Image: Beijing Olympic Park Plan *Right Image: Bird's Nest Structural Detail

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