A Day Late and a Dirham Short:
JMM 02 - 16 - 2010

Ring... Ring… Joseph turns in his bed to look to James and determine whether or not he is going to answer the phone. Ring… James appears relatively immobile and Joseph concludes in his slumberish state that he ought to answer the phone. He rolls without grace or coordination to the other side of his bed and sloppily stands up, his sheets hung from his back like a cape worn by a groggy sleep-demon. He effortlessly picks up the phone and answers. "Hello…" His professor is on the other end and quickly returns dialogue with the energy and confidence of a successful businessman. "Joseph. We are on the bus. You have two minutes." The words were spoken without urgency or disappointment; strictly business. Without question or a moment to ponder the extent of his and James' failure, Joseph replied with the single word that seemed to express his acknowledgement of the urgency and determination not to disappoint. "Done." Powerful and sincere, the phone fell quickly and a few beats of insanity quickly followed. James knew immediately what had just happened and what needed to happen. He was out of his bed quicker than a pan of fresh brownies disappears at a hungry college apartment. Pants, shirts, cameras, socks, shoes, and to the door they darted. Elevator open, they began their full-fledged sprint to the bus. Just past the lobby door the professor was making his way to the bus where James and Joseph caught up with him. Moderately expressionless, their professor spoke: "…and time to spare, I'm impressed." They climbed onto the bus where 80 eyes were waiting above 40 smirks and contained giggles. It was funny and slightly disrespectful, and they knew it, but their cuteness in the moment earned them instant sympathy and forgiveness for the extra 11.5 minutes spent waiting on the bus. The rest of the day was full of playful jokes and references to 'rockstar' hair while they toured sunny Abu Dhabi and searched for shade.

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