Colonnade Inverted
JMM 02 - 05 - 2010

Place a row of columns parallel to another row of columns (or a wall of a building) and cover it with a roof. BOOM! Colonnade. Walk under it, be protected from precipitation and sun, talk about politics, hassle tourists with your less than acceptable goods for more than acceptable prices, shoot pigeons with a slingshot, have a nice coffee, or do anything you want. Just know that under that colonnade, you should not get wet or be melted by the sun. The idea of a colonnade has been around for quite a while, at least since the ancient Egyptians, and has managed to remain relatively unchanged over the years. While sitting in a colonnade, I began thinking perhaps a bit too much about where I was and how the space might be altered to remain a colonnade, but change in structure. I thought about a row of trees and how, when in full foliage, they enclose a space under which to walk and be at least moderately protected form the rain. It is open air and provides the opportunity for all functions noted above, and many more, but the 'structure' is moved to the center, rather than on two sides. My design exploration is an adaptation of the idea of a colonnade and a row of trees. I broke the tree into four separate, identical quarters and sent the structure down the center of each quarter, much like a tree, and then repeated the form multiple times in a row to elongate the space and create more usable protected area. The structure is thin at the bottom and then spreads out at the top to create a 'canopy' that provides shelter. I do not know if the result can still be considered a colonnade, but it might at least become a distant cousin of some type.

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