jmm 01 - 11 - 2010

While walking along the river in what turned out to be a slightly forgotten about (neglected) park in Seville, I encountered a serious of walls covered in absolutely incredible graffiti. Some of it appeared to be from a competition or commission by the city, but others were of local taggers compelled to leave their mark. Not only did these images give the park color and life, but they also helped me identify a social pattern that taught me something about the people of Seville: An old city does not mean an out-of-touch youth. This form of art can be found all over the United States and, despite incredible differences in the built environment and culture of the USA and Spain, I can look at these paintings and believe that I am in either place. It is a way to tie both together and understand the need of people to express themselves. Knowing that the city supported and perhaps even funded the placement of this graffiti excites me. It tells me that this is not necessarily something that is appreciated by the youth, but also the moderately and potentially even severely aged. How impressive and magnificent.

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