JLL 04 - 02 - 2010

Seeing the Eiffel Tower is definitely not overrated. The curved steel pieces of the legs at the building took me off guard - I had never seen this in pictures. I never really thought we'd make it to Paris. When we began this trip, our return to Western Europe seemed ages and ages away, but here it is. Paris is a wonderful city with so many things to do and see. Spent several hours in the Musee d'Orsay over Van Gogh's and Dega's pieces. The beautiful art is matched by the beautiful museum - a refurbished train station. Also visited the Pompidou. Great collection of modern art housed in a fitting building. Can't decide if the Pompidou is too crazy for me or not. It's amazing how popular and used the space is - truly fascinating. Got some very good pictures of the Villa Savoye in while the weather was nice. Corbusier's building has aged quite nicely. The house was full of sketching architecture students (free admission for us). Started pouring on the way back to the train station so we had to make a run for it. Spent 25 Euros on dinner the second night in Paris but it was totally worth it. Couldn't go to Paris without going out for a fine dinner at least once. Our three-course meal with escargot as a starter was absolutely delicious.

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