Journal Entry: February 15th, 2010 Cambodia
JLL 02 - 20 - 2010

If you've ever seen an Indiana Jones film, you might come close to experiencing Cambodia... without the cheap food, live snakes, and sweat. Definitely couldn't appreciate the jungle without the experience of sweat. Cambodia is an amazing experience. Having Zach shove me off a bench just to get away from a 5-year old offering him a python was hilarious. Breaking a boat on the way back to civilization... possibly not worth it. Falling down in Angkor Wat on Valentines Day was worth the bruises. Six dollar dress - totally worth it. Obviously there are many aspects of Cambodia that intrigue me. One of my favorites is the devotion to a religion thousands of years old. A religion that still lives in the ruins of temples and draws offerings of incense, food, and flowers. Experiencing the temples would not be quite the same if there wasn't an old woman offering you sticks of incense around every other corner. Definitely an experience and a place I won't forget.

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