JLL 01 - 10 - 2010

Date: January 9th, 2010 Place: Seville, Spain Turns out eggs-over-easy on toast is probably the best way to start out a day of adventure. Taking a handkerchief along to breakfast to stuff with chocolate croissants also increase the chances of a good day. Seville was beautiful today, with the temperature hovering somewhere in the mid- to high- 40's? Falling asleep on the bus feels great, but you miss out on information. Your wonderful colleagues will fill you in later on what you missed. They really will, mostly because they enjoyed watching your head bob around as the bus turns to-and-fro. The tour guide today, Ima, was amazingly fantastic; explaining much more that expected. One thing not recommended: touring the palaces and cathedrals of Spain during January. Of course, it is inspiring how well the passive cooling systems worked in the palace (studio design reference/influence!) but it makes it very hard to take pictures! In the gardens in the sun, the weather felt simply amazing. Soaking up the sun was incredible and being surrounded by palm trees and flowering plants made it seem like a gorgeous summer day. The cathedral of Seville (one of the largest in the world) was huge (partly shown in the lower image). The size of the columns in the central nave were gigantic and the number of chapels was ridiculous. Points for the American art collector who returned the cut-out portion of the painting of Saint Anthony to the cathedral after it was stolen (pat on the back for the Americans). Climbing the tower of the cathedral was well worth the view although a the horse used in the old days would have been well appreciated! A meandering walk down the the riverside for some excellent tapas (whiskey marinated pork and mussels) was even more rewarding when a Spanish man brought his guitar into the restaurant and began to play, simply for the pleasure of playing. Hanging out with friends down by the river (although I don't know it's name! Oops!) and taking pictures of the wonderful sun resulted in this lovely picture of Brittany Leamer (top image). Saturday night is apparently the night for the people of Seville, I have a feeling we will have a good time as well!

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