JLL 04 - 09 - 2010

"Nature Overtaking" Previously, I have discussed the idea of "green fingers" in my project, describing a landscape as a swath going through the city of Goshen. In this design entry I would like to turn that concept into something different. On the site the idea of a "green finger" becomes an extremity of the landscape: overtaking the building on the site. Metaphorically the landscape would be reclaiming historic land, a land that used to be wild but is now downtown Goshen. Goshen is a city that grew out of the wilderness of Northern, Indiana and strongly because of it. The arable land and nearby river made this area home for the agricultural Amish people. Today farming is still a primary source of income for the Amish people and other rural Goshen residents. It is obviously important to tie the history of the landscape in Goshen to this new center, especially with the historic exhibition programming included in the space. Over the next few weeks I will explore ideas concerning the representation of farmland and/or the wilderness originally found in Goshen in the landscape design of the site. I would also like to tie water into the site somehow since the Elkhart River has also been an important developmental factor in the history of Goshen.

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