Green Fingers
JLL 01 - 01 - 2010

In many of the cities we have visited, urban green spaces have been prominent. Some of the best are the spaces that connect other spaces. Because these spaces are useful, they are populated. I would like to introduce such a "green finger" into Goshen. This green swath through the city would connect the river trailhead and the proposed arts and community center with downtown Goshen, specifically the Goshen Courthouse. The courthouse is an important historical landmark of Goshen and represents the center of the shopping district in town. Connecting this area to the parks area would bring together these different parts of the city and the different people that use them. A green path through the city would be achieved without altering too much of downtown Goshen. Allowing easier pedestrian access via raised pedestrian crossings or pedestrian-priority areas would encourage people to walk along the path. Signage could connect from the trailhead to the courthouse, perhaps as a historical walk or informative tour. Greenery would of course be introduced and represent the main focal connection between the areas. Green fingers are a simple yet effective way to connect downtown spaces. They introduce landscape into a primarily hardscape area and make areas more accessib

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