JLD 03 - 15 - 2010

I decided to make visibility the central focus of my project. In my recreation center I am imagining multiple vantage points to allow people to see the interesting things other people are doing at opposite ends of the building. I am also gearing the project toward the children and the elderly in my community since I believe they need this kind of facility the most. Because of the multiple viewpoints the elderly will have the opportunity to live vicariously through the children they are watching. My new concept will incorporate this in three main points (corresponding with the triangle-shaped site) that will serve the young, the old, and a place for those boundaries to cross. To related to what I have seen on World Tour these points may be some kind of tower to draw attention to them, like the watchtowers of the Great Wall mark the distance between them, or intersecting planes like in Budapest (image below). While the old will have plenty of opportunities for recreation, like a lap pool, raquetball courts, and a putting green, they will be able to watch young people on the waterslides, the surfing simulator, and the rock wall. The rock wall tower will be a dramatic entrance to draw people into the building. As far as advancements in the planning aspect of my project, I am hoping the recreation center will be a catalyst for other parts of the community to improve their recreational opportunities. Some of the most interesting recreational opportunities I have participated in on this trip were the playgrounds in and around Spain. One in Barcelona had angled pieces of wood to step on that made noises of different notes when they were tilted. My project may incorporate something like that into the approach to the building. I am also proposing that essential community needs such as a pharmacy, post office, and library are brought back downtown to encourage people to visit the recreation center while they are out running errands. Unfortunately driving everywhere is a way of life in my hometown so if people are encouraged first to drive downtown to fulfill their needs, eventually they will see that the bike and pedestrian path leading straight downtown is an easier way to get to what they need, causing a positive change in the community.

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