JLD 02 - 02 - 2010

Upon visiting a place we are encouraged to apply what we see to our hometown projects. So far this task has seemed difficult because we have seen very few modern places. But even simple concepts can make our hometown projects functional and sustainable. For example, in both Italy and Turkey so far we have seen examples of peristyle houses; a building type thousands of years old. But even in its simplicity ideas from peristyle house could be a functional solution for my design of a recreation center. A peristyle house is open to the outside in the center, usually with a pool in this outdoor space, and the space is surrounded by a colonnade with rooms branching off of it that are cooled with the air coming off the outdoor space. This idea of air conditioning before it was invented can apply to the program for my recreation center because I can place a pool in the center of an outdoor space surrounded by the rest of the building. Spaces can be open to the pool area to allow breezes to flow through. A modern colonnade could be used to shade a 2nd story running track around the space. Peristyle houses had sloped roofs to allow the water to be directed into the courtyard when it rained. This could also be used to feed rainwater into the pool, and a sloped roof could also allow more sun into the courtyard space of the recreation center to allow some natural heating of the pool. Building types like the peristyle house had to be functional and sustainable in their time because they didn't have modern technology to shade and cool their homes. By observing little details like these we can make our designs meaningful, functional, and sustainable.

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