JLD 01 - 08 - 2010

I chose to sketch the fountain instead of the tower
or any other grand piece of the Great Mosque because
one encounters the fountain before reaching the awe-
inspiring spaces within the mosque. In the courtyard
where it is located, several pools of water provided
one with the opportunity for cleansing before entering
the spiritual spaces. This is a very important and
essential step, and the first part in the narrative of
experiencing the holy spaces within the enormous
building. I have seen many cathedrals but this was
the first mosque converted to a cathedral that I have
entered, so the idea of transitioning from a courtyard
into the worship space was new to me. Therefore, I
found the courtyard with its axially planted orange
trees and this fountain to be significant. I can apply
this idea when thinking about entries in my designs,
and how transition spaces can add meaning to the way
one enters a space.

This tower is one of the towers in the Plaza de Espana
in Seville. Our guide mentioned that this building
was built for the 1929 Exhibition. I was shocked that
most of the pavilions built for the two exhibitions held
in Seville are mostly intact. I know that almost nothing
remains of the structures built for Chicago's World Fairs,
except for the Museum of Science and Industry and a few
houses in Beverly Shores from the 1933 Fair. So I was
very surprised to see these buildings so intact and well-
restored. I also appreciated that some of the buildings were
adapted for other purposes, such as libraries and
universities. The Plaza enclosed within the semicircular
structure is called the Plaza de Espana because images
representing the major cities of Spain are organized along
its side. These stories and the beautiful tiles that depict
them add significance to the building. Its detailed towers
call people from all over to experience this space that
belongs to all of Spain. Featuring these stories and points
in history is another way to create an meaningful experience
when passing through a space.

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