eml 01 - 11 - 2010

After only six short (long) days in Spain I’ve discovered a feature intrinsic in several of our stops.  The notion of framing focuses a user’s attention on a specific space and its importance.  What is a frame then?  Does it a specific edge on four sides?  In the case of the expo center of Sevilla, an arch surrounds one of the towers terminating the two semi-circular arms of the complex.  This frame (pictured right) completely defines the view of the tower though is not limited to that specific scene.  Moving one’s position alters the scene completely, focusing the attention to a different aspect of the vast complex. 

However, a frame need not be confined by four explicit edges.  This view of the Christian tower (concealing a much older Islamic minaret) of the Great Mosque at Cordoba (bottom) is bounded on only two sides.  The void between buildings for a narrow pedestrian path quite unexpectedly provides a majestic and specific view of this national landmark. 

When applied to my hometown project, perhaps the episodes can be played out - not by localized, built objects - but by a deliberate point of view with the potential to tell a portion of the site’s narrative. 

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