Not like La Rambla
EML 01 - 27 - 2010

The Diagonal brings several modes of transportation to one central and quite large thoroughfare. Pedestrians occupy the center and outermost lanes. Two vehicular lanes straddle the central pedestrian lane. Traffic is relegated to the outer rims with traffic moving through the interior. A layer of vegetation acts as a barrier for the central pedestrian lane which is also divided (1/3 bikes and 2/3 pedestrians). Unlike other avenues of Barcelona, the Diagonal's central lane lacks activity. There are no vendors, playgrounds, or art installations drawing the community in, it is used only for circulation. The road is sculpted by the built edges (detailed right) which are divided into a commercial ground floor and residential upper floors. Even with a direct view of the Diagonal, these residential windows and balconies are entirely lifeless. La Rambla, for example, is busy with activity. With almost an identical configuration, la Rambla has activity in the central pedestrian realm, the key to its success. The activity is due party to its location, but mostly to the variety of activities in this central lane.

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