EKA 01 - 07 - 2010

With two plane flights, seven bus rides, two train rides and already countless excursions on foot in the past four days, the group is starting to become very well aquainted with diverse ways of travel. With each trip we've learned how to pack our bag tighter, rearrange items to make it seem lighter, and work with the transportaion system's compartments to give us more leg room. Our world has started to revolve around space, one of the many factors that play into sustainability. The efficeint use of space I believe is vital to sustainability, and each of these types of transportation systems have become professionals storing a lot in a little.

The plane, I found, is one of the most effecient ways of traveling that we have experienced yet. Not only is the plane the fastest way from one location to the next but the design of the space is very effective. Large baggage on the bottomof the plane, carry-on space above the the seats and space under the seats are the main ways to store luggage. That doesn't even include space for the supplies that the flight attendents use and the bathroom! Food carts easily store and lock into compartments in the back or front of the plane when lift off occurs. Bathrooms are compact, and space efficient; holding everything from the sink, to the trash can to the tissue box. The limited space on a plane has been organized and designed to comidate and protect the many passengers of the flight.

Overall the distribution of storage on a train and bus are very similar. Over head compartments are foundin both systems. Large bags can be stored in compartments found in other locations, which are usually found underneath the bus or in a different train car). Extra items tend to find there place on passenger's laps or by their feet. Buses used for long trips don't have a food service, while train had a specific dining car. With many similaties trains and buses have becomean effective way to transport a large number of people using limited space.

As for the 43 students on the trip we have become our own mode of transportation. With our packs on our back and our carryon's in the front, we are learning how to transport our homes with us. Since we have put ourselfs in this position we have learned how to pack lighter and more efficiently. With the help of our compression backs and zip-block bags, are items are organized, protected and quick to locate! The bags not only create an organization system but give a person the ability to fit as much as possible into a small space. By the end of the tour, most everyone will know the most efficient and effective way to pack their bags allowing them to easily transport their bags from one country to the next.

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