Time in Turkey
EKA 01 - 31 - 2010

As the group packed up and headed off to Turkey we realized that the first fourth of the trip is over! We are now starting a new leg of the journey! We are out of Europe and once again entering into a whole new culture. Many of us knew very little about Turkey and had no idea what to expect from the people, landscape and cities. With a hectic start of getting through customs, security and rushing to a connecting flight, we have all found a new appreciation for traveling by train. (little security and no weight limit!) Not knowing what to expect, I was eagerly looking out my airplane window waiting to see what was beneath the layer of clouds. The plane landed in a place full of mountians and a skyline that seemed to just dominate the landscape. After the flight, we quickly loaded on to our bus and met up with our tour guide Nam. Nam speaks with impecable English and is always ready to explain the history of the site which includes stories and jokes. So far we have visited the ruins of Ephesus, Pergamom, and Troy. We visited Ephesus first and I know I a can say that everyone of the group throughly enjoyed the well preserved buildings of the library, shops, amphitheatre, and public toliets. Apparently the amphitheatre was under repair from the last concert there (Guns and Roses) and the music actually caused parts of the theatre to crack! At the amphitheatre, the sun was setting in the sky and we watched it from the top seats as we heard people sing Guns and Roses from the stage. Pergamom and Troy weren't quite as well preserved as Ephesus but each site we visit added more experiences and stories to our trip. In Pergamom we walked through the ruins of the former city and listening to Nam tell us about the history at each point on the tour. Since Peragmom was on a hill we all had an excellent view of the city and many of us had the option to walk down the hill and meet the bus at the bottom. It was really a unique experience to meandered down the hill, trying not to slip or trip on the many marble stones that created our rugged path. Troy, our next stop, was just as enjoyable. Unfortunately little was left of the city, for most of it consists of bits of stone walls from houses and the outer walls of the city. But of course the visit to Troy wouldn't be complete without visiting the wooden horse! Although our time in Turkey is short, our time here will be well spent. Filled with history and culture, our experiences in Turkey can only get better. Image 1-The "wooden horse" at Troy Image 2- The Library at Ephasus

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