EKA 03 - 22 - 2010

A Turn for the Better Way back in Lithuania I had my studio critique from Rod and my project took an unexpected turn. Hoping to get some professional insight into creating my building, the critique mainly consisted of the size and surrounding area of the site. After studying a couple of diagrams I had made, we realized that my organization pattern for the site would work better if oriented North and South instead of its original East-West layout. Soon enough my location in Carmel for the teen center almost doubled in size with Rod's suggestions. I have now eliminated the warehouses on the south side of the site and using the space for the teen center. With the addition to the site, I have been reorganizing the general layout of spaces and activities. The North-South orientation allows the ability to create more of a draw from the Monon Trail, as well as add space for parking and room for a buffer to the neighboring residence. When originally exploring the site and the needs of the building the ideas seemed to fit into three main categories fitness, performance space, and relaxation (hang out, entrance, etc.). These three categories have survived the changes with minor additions and alterations but a four category of parking has also been added. The diagram shows the changes and additions to the site. Also with the growth of the site my ideas for the building have expanded. At the critique with Rod, I had a couple of questions lined up for him specifically relating to the buildings architecture style. These thoughts were pushed away and claimed to be too ridged. I was informed that I was too tight with my ideas. I needed to loosen up and just let the ideas from the tour and myself flow into the design. With that I am working towards having my building flow more fluidly throughout the site as well as better addressing the surrounding elements. I wanted the building to have a strong connection to nature, an excellent outdoor performance space, and create better transition between the indoor and outdoor fitness area. The critique with Rod opened my eyes to new possibilities with my project and it has really helped me take that step further in the project. Image one is just some sketches of possible ideas for the center Image two is a diagram of the new addition of the site and what will occur in the new space

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