DGC 01 - 07 - 2010


It's been a day and a half since we left and I haven't written anything,
hopefully none of the juice details are forgotten. The first day of the trip
went as we expected with a total of something like 18 hours spent in/around
an airport;

O'Hare- 10:30 - 6:50
Dublin- 8 am - 4 pm
Dublin (next day)- 11:30- 4:50

First flight was cancelled due to an amazingly amount of snow, so we ended
up at the hotel we'll be staying in on the last leg of the trip. Icy roads led to
amazingly bad traffic-- the 10 minute drive took almost 2 hours. I spent some
time trying to figure out why there's so much crap in my bag-- shouldn't have
taken Rod's advice on 25 pairs of socks (Rod, they're just too big!). Walked around town a bit in the morning to find a place to exchange to Euros, and the snow from the previous night was still covering the ground (apparently they had run out of salt in the city). I was amazed that even a first world nation like Ireland had such lethargic reaction to only a few inches of snow-- it was all over busy pedestrian streets in the morning.

The best part of our hotel stay was the discovery of a candy vending machine which sold chocolate discs called "Minstrels", which is the most ridiculously named candy I've ever seen. Now that I think about it, the free breakfast the next morning was infinitely better than a ridiculously named chocolate wafer; sausages, eggs, fruit, all sorts of great things that can be stuffed in a pocket or zip-lock. Blood sausage was also an interesting addition.

Arrived at Dublin airport at around 11:30 (here's to no snow), went through security, and waited. More. The plane arrived in Madrid at 7 local time, so it was almost impossible to tell what the city is like in the dark, except for heaps upon heaps of apartment buildings. Journeyed around the city a bit-- saw plaza mayor and went to look for some grub. Saw several Museo de Jamon (Museum of Ham?) restaurants which looked enticingly delicious but rather unenticingly expensive, so we wandered on. After much indecision, we ended up at a place which was incredibly un-unique. Had a plate of chicarones, squid, and potatoes-- all the fiber a man can possibly
want, right? Walked back, went to bed, exhausted.

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