Sketching and Water
BRL 01 - 19 - 2010

Sketching has become part of my means to capture the changing surrounds. It allows me to analyze what Iím viewing, to think about what intrigues me, and to look at what I can learn and take away. The weather on World Tour has been a surprise every day, chilled to the bone one day to sunny and warm the next. Two of my favorite sketches I've done so far on the trip have been sitting in the sun and have had some relation to water. In Cordoba, the plaza at the end of Flower Street, was a great small space to sit and relax at listen to the water in the fountain. I tried to capture the marks water has left on the white stone over time, and also the stones laid out to irrigate the water away from the site. The Oceanography Museum, in Monaco was also of interest. I captured a perspective that highlighted the vertical aspects of the building in relation to the ground eroding away down to Mediterranean Sea. The museum reminds me of a rock jutting up from the sea. Image Right- The Oceanography Museum, Monte Carlo, Monaco Image below- Flower Street, Cordoba, Spain

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