BLF 04 - 08 - 2010

WE need to travel. World Tour has answered that need, satiated that thirst Our grandparents never thought about the productivity of corn in central Africa. They didnít contemplate The extinction of less productive strains of crops. They were not a bad generation. They stopped using an incredible pesticide, simply to save the American bald eagle. They did sweeter, gentler things than we will have the option to do. Unfortunately, they were not as aware of the effects of their habits as we are. Moreover, what we do and what we eat has a far more profound impact on our environment. We eat bananas, oranges, lettuce year round. I ate a banana in Cambodia. It was excellent. It had just been torn off the tree, it was 3 inches long. What we call a banana is a freak of nature, How we get our bananas is a freak of transportation. We destroy the very environment that protects us, to have habits that indenture us to know more than we ever have before, in attempts to live the way we live, while avoiding the simple truth that life would be more reasonable, more simple, if we didnít import that banana, we wouldnít have to worry about oil prices. If we didnít use that shampoo, we wouldnít have to worry about the shrinking orangutan habitat, and Oh god, if we didnít eat that steak, we wouldnít have to spend any money to protect that rainforest. We are tied to the earth. It maintains us, but we fail to maintain it. All of our problems would not be solved if we stopped doing these things. But if our food, our oil, and our production stopped being shipped around the world, something amazing would happen. All our problems would be local. Then something would change. We would see what was happening, and we would see it in our human capacity to make a change individually for the better on behalf of all. It is an inconceivable battle across the other side of the planet. Clothes I ordered from California, were shipped from REI after being made in china. In order for me to complete my world tour, my clothing first made its own journey from the very place I was about to go visit! Travel is necessary due to the way in which we live. We need to know what we are doing, and what we could do. We are kings, and our brothers and sisters are recovering from war, and we are enslaving our cousins to make products that we donít want to pay the real cost for. We must start localizing our economy. Those of us that can see what we have done, cannot condone the way we live. We need to bring our problems back into our country, where we might once again be fit to solve our issues. Wall-e wasnít set in the future. America is the flagship of the armada and itís in its own little bubble, but environmental destruction will still be a problem for us, if we donít figure out a way to lift the entire country off this planet.

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