City Life
BLF 02 - 03 - 2010

So far, in each of the cities we have visited, we have Been separate from the culture and heritage of the country we have been in. The particular cities that we have been visiting have found many ways to use what they had to stay profitable after thousands of years in existence. These cities' economies have been based in tourism for one of the following reasons: 1. Natural Wonders ex: Istanbul, TUR a port city 2. Man Made wonders ex: Rome, IT the Pantheon 3. Manmade events ex: Sienna, IT the Paoli horse race 4.Natural Events ex: avignon, FR Wine Harvest 5. Specialties in cuisine or art ex: Florence, IT the Uffizzi 6. A combination of multiple options ex: Venice, IT Canal transportation, Prosseco wine, Murano Glass These cities have been so successful that the standard of living in these cities has skyrocketed. These are economic booming cities. They can be models for how my hometown can create increased value, income, density, and sustainable growth in the city. The main drawback is that original inhabitants are displaced, and speaking multiple languages is important for career success, further removing the city from its original culture. Luckily WL is already defined by an international culture (for indiana). Many cities are known to be good or locally famous for something, but to receive tourism, an investment needs to be made to strengthen the qualities to make it excellent. a margin of effort for most cities move them from average to exceptional, from regular to world known. West Lafayette has several opportunities for this sort of focus and growth. 1. Natural wonders - ex. we have a hill in Indiana but seriously, 2. manmade wonders ex. engineering design/ build competitions around our bridges - a city famous for bridges in indiana; it could happen 3. manmade events - ex. Flower market. Maybe we could convince Purdue to create a famous botany department, and share it with the city 5. Specialties - ex. We could bring in artists famous for landscape paintings, and display them in cafes and museums around the city...... My main purpose is that Lafayette already has the qualities of a great city, it is simply missing many great opportunities that could make it richer. Simply by intensively managing the resources the city already has it could foster growth. It will not become as famous or beautiful as Rome overnight... I think that will take about 40 years. Top: A design to make Outdoor Living rooms for celebration and relaxation in Lafayette, IN Bottom: San Gimignano Italy, A city where a family tower defined their status

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