Space: The Final Frontier
BLF 02 - 19 - 2010

As we travel, it has become very clear how dominant the eye has become in perceiving space and beauty. Tour guides perpetually and obnoxiously tell us from where to take the "Best Photo". We are guided in our surroundings by visual cues, and on occasion asked to place headphones on our ears so that we might better hear the guide. I believe that the dominance of the eye to experience the space limits us to approximately 1/3 of our capacity to experience architecture. As I have traveled from The Pantheon, the Parthenon, and the Vatican* I have been impressed and taken back by the acoustics of the space. The simple reverberation creates a personal message; it can bring life to a space, or create the sensation of inner peace. While the visual space creates a sense of awe and wonder, the subtle sounds of reverberation, the pressure of the air and the wind are the effects of the buildings that create many of the emotional reactions to a building. In these spaces, I am affected in the same way someone sensitive to music might begin to smile, laugh, or cry. The acoustical sensation is what time and time again brings me out of my sense of disbelief, and into my otherwise unbelievable present. Image right: Sound and space of the Sistine Chapel Image below: Chamber of the Pope; Avignon, France *This sentence = awesome.

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