BLF 01 - 09 - 2010

Over the first few days, we have been in two vastly different environments. The First, Dublin International airport, was repressive and frustrating. The Second, a river front park in Seville was peaceful and liberal. In both environments drawing a small sketch helped me realize what was creating the spatial qualities that caused my empathetic response.

In Dublin International Airport, I was frustrated and anxious, but it wasn’t just the 15 hours of waiting for the airplane. An airport does two things to create these emotions. First they want to remove liability, and announce flight delays in gate numbers at a volume that removes the possibility for conversation. This causes a lack of communication and anxiety, which is exploited by the layout of the circulation and the gates. Stores, gift shops, and cafes flank the circulation path. The gates are visible, but physically separated by the intentional placements of shops and cafes. The constant visibility of these types of spaces increases the rate of purchases, while increasing the difficulty of reaching the gate quickly.

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