BKC 03 - 22 - 2010

Salzburg_A Family City_BKC_Journal_3_22_2010 We begin the day early in Salzburg, arriving via train from Vienna. After packing our bags into storage lockers for the day, we head towards the pedestrian street, looking for food and entertainment (pedestrian streets are streets that have been closed to car traffic, thus pedestrians inhabit the entire space. They can be narrow, with this one being about fifty feet wide). Salzburg's pedestrian focus has relevance to my hometown studio project, and I find myself gauging the city's applicability to Evansville, Indiana. The people here are family groups or couples without children; they are enjoying the pedestrian spaces and the natural parks and rivers running throughout the city (image top). Because Evansville has a family-oriented environment, I take notes as to what works well here in Salzburg. As we walk around the city, I note how the streets surrounding the pedestrian street are filled with parked cars; thus a ring of parking surrounds the pedestrian epicenter. Parking garages or large barren parking lots are not needed; the surrounding roads fulfill this parking requirement. Because of this, the city can become more dense and more pedestrian friendly. Opportunities to walk through woods, by water, and to historic destinations in each type of area create interest for all types of people (image bottom right). Best of all for families, walking through the parks is free, thus the city attracts people to it by offering complimentary amenities; these families, however, then spend money on food, cultural events, souvenirs, and hotels, thus sustaining the economy of the city. We spend the rest of the day walking through the fortress-walled mountains and hiking path forests. After being in so many cities, we enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. At 6:00 our day in Salzburg comes to an end and he catch a train to Munich. On the train, I continue discussing the city with my friend Erin, a fourth year architecture student. Our conversation leads to the work landscape architecture firms complete for universities in regards to campus planning. By the end of the day, I've seen a city very applicable to my hometown and learned more about the professional work of the other disciplines within our college. From Munich, to Prague, and then to Berlin!

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