BIKE CITY, Evansville, Indiana: Design_2_18_2010
BKC 02 - 18 - 2010

Bike City is a conceptual design developed for Evansville, Indiana that incorporates design ideas from Avignon's city wall, the Ramblas in Barcelona, and the F-1 racetrack in Monaco. The F-1 racetrack in Monaco weaves through the city, activating the space during race events, giving the city character and identity, and serving as an attraction for tourists and visitors. Understanding this idea, "Bike City" proposes a bicycle route weaving throughout Evansville's downtown. This bicycle route will be used for large bike race featuring riders from across Indiana and the Tri-State area and for social and leisure riding. Because Evansville caters towards families, a bicycle-type infrastructure project is in-line conceptual with Evansville's end goals of family-oriented activities(image right). The Ramblas in Barcelona is a wide, tree lined boulevard with a pedestrian/bicycle paths running through the center of the boulevard, dividing the two lanes of opposing automobile traffic. By applying this idea of a green boulevard with pedestrian and cyclists as the central focus, these connecting routes will enable people to reach the downtown effectively, easily, and safely, further activating the bicycle race route. Avignon, France and other medieval cities often had protective walls surrounding the cities' core. These walls served as a means to create a distinction and zone the city while also serving as a protective barrier. By applying this gateway and edge concept, "Bike City" proposes to accent the downtown grid perpendicular to the river by lining the grids termination points with trees, creating a "green wall." Through this treatment, the downtown experience will be heightened and conceptual distinct from the rest of the city (image below). Through an integration of the concepts of the F-1 Racetrack in Monaco, the Ramblas in Barcelona, and the city wall of Avignon, "Bike City" aims to create an attractive, connected, and cyclist-oriented downtown.

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