Granada Spain, La Alhambra
bjm 01 - 11 - 2010

Today began with a lovely breakfast of a bunch of random stuff. I was also able to pack up a Turkey sandwich for a later lunch. There was a sign saying that you would be charged for all food taken from the dining room, but we have been told several times that rules in Spain only apply if someone is watching; they are pretty funny about it.

We then hopped on a coach and headed of to the ancient Alhambra. It was pretty amazing. We first went through the Generalife with was pretty much the summer house of the palace. The gardens were intensely geometric and orthogonal, it truly was the architects garden. It was one of my favorite things we have toured yet. It seemed like it was still a real and functioning space because of all the vegetation and water features. The random cats roaming about also added to the liveliness, their meows were intensely loud. Some historical spaces seem dead, this was definitely not one of them.

Mark Sandberg and I ended up staying behind to get some more sketches after the core group left. I ended up spending over seven hours just exploring the ancient fortress.

The evening was also a lot of fun. I got to see my second show of Flamenco dancing. This was an entirely tourist oriented version, quite unlike my previous experience, which was much more local. The best part for me was the elderly Russian who sat across from me who was unable to stay awake, despite his wife's best efforts. Once he started snoring I could barely control my laughter. Good times for sure.

Well it's half two in the morning, that's 8:30pm to you westerners! So I best be getting to bed considering we have 12 hours of touring planned for tomorrow. Laters.

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