Extruded Form
BJM 03 - 02 - 2010

While on this trip I have made sure to keep my eyes open for design ideas no matter where I am. As it turns out, some of the most influential things Iíve seen have been from the bus window. We often cover a lot of the different cities by coach while getting from place to place. Many buildings off the tourist beaten path have much to offer to the budding design student. This design was something that came to me on our drive out of Beijing on our way to Datong. A quick glimpse of a passing building inspired me to pull out my sketchbook and develop this simple and playful form. In my mind it developed as a tower design but on paper it turned into a lower scale design; though I believe it could work at many scales. It is basically an experiment with solid and void. The buildings form implies that the center portion has been slightly extruded from the outer shell. This form allows for an excellent opportunity for shading on the southern face and plentiful daylighting on the north face. I also carried this simple design move into the landscaping with an off center placement of the planters relative to the trees. I can definitely see pulling out this form and developing it more in a future studio project.

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