BJG 03 - 24 - 2010

Traveling further into Central Europe and listening to Minus the Bear and Lil Wayne. "Hey, let's cross the sea and get some culture." Mozart, the Sound of Music, and sausages; Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic. The first thing I came to love about Vienna was the openness. Half of the city is green-space and the parks and squares were clean and lively. It helped that we've started to hit some of the nicest days of the trip. A switch was flipped. Spring is here and I'll fully welcome her. "I got Spring hating on me 'cuz I ain't never sprung." People flooded in to lounge in squares and Jake couldn't even get into a basketball game because they were all full. Our first day in Vienna ended with a walk along the canal. We spotted some of the coolest graffiti and sculptures of the trip. The next day, I toured around with some upper-years and saw an ugly Zaha building, an artist's take on architecture, early secessionist buildings, and the coolest church I've ever seen (a punctured black cube). I'll have to put this city on the list of places I'd like to return to. I think Munich is the German equivalent of Jamestown. It seemed kind of touristy but offered plenty of modern structures to keep me quite intrigued. We visited the Olympic village (enjoyed it, despite the rain) and BMW campus. Mom, can I have one? Please? I had to live up a little of the tourist activity: nights were spent in a beirhaus to some good food and music but the people watching was the best. And Prague. Wow. I had no expectations going in and was very impressed. The city had something that I just can't identify but I loved every minute of being here. Again, the weather was gorgeous and everyone was pumped to start celebrating their Spring Festival. Our hotel room was the best so far: great location, kitchen, wood floors, heated bathroom floor, balcony. Oh, balcony, how I'll miss you. The entire first night in the city was spent out on that small balcony. Study session with Jake and Mark, listening to Minus the Bear and stealing free wifi. "I'm sitting on a park bench that's older than my country." I caught up with some old friends on facebook, sketched in front of my favorite Frank Gehry building ("Fred and Ginger"), and celebrated Ben's 21st birthday. I hope this weather keeps up and that we have a balcony at every hotel from here on out.

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