BJG 04 - 02 - 2010

I've started rolling towards nailing down the logistics of the main focus of my hometown project, the community face that I've tentatively dubbed the "Center for Sustainable Suburban Living." For awhile now I've been thinking of material selection as the main way to incorporate aspects of my hometown narrative. The exterior will be clad with metal panels above rock panels towards the base. The structure, especially of the interior lobby and display space will resemble industrial revolution train stations and will support the glass dome in the center of the lobby. I'm nearing the end of spatial layout and am now creating a rough floor plan [image 2, below]. Considering site planning, not much has changed since our mid-trip review and I'll start developing a final site plan very soon now that I have a general form for the building. Taking the plans further, I've started a rough section [image 1, right] through the lobby to continue developing the main spaces and address the structure, daylighting, shading, and scale (which will most likely be critiqued and altered). From here, I'll work on other key aspects to the design, such as the wooden shading device wrapping around the glass dome and weaving into the exterior pattern, touch-up a revised site plan, and quickly develop a general plan for the recycling plant portion of the project. If there is time in the design phase, I will address the connection between the two: some have suggestion that this should become an important part of the two-phased project but I have hesitations in building it up as such, mostly because of the existing infrastructure and attitudes within my hometown. I believe the project is wrapping up quite nicely and am looking forward to finalizing these drawings / developing some renderings.

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