ARS 04 - 05 - 2010

For some reason unknown to myself, I have always wanted to visit Paris. I have always loved the Eiffel Tower yet I honestly have no clue why. I will never forget the feeling I had when I finally arrived in front of the Tower after a days worth of exploration. My excitement grew as the elegant structure revealed itself from around a building. I stood at the edge of the grass path that led to it and stopped in awe. I was finally there; I had achieved a life goal at 21 years old. We stood around taking pictures for a while before we began our trip up the grass path towards the base of the structure. I will never forget the state of emotions and the feelings generated as I traveled closer and closer. The tower began to rise higher and higher into the sky with every step and the magnitude of its presence grew with each moment. I can't even count the number of times I had to stop and take another picture because with each change of distance, the beauty and image seemed to change. I ventured farther forward as the tower grew even more, dwarfing me in its presence. It didn't seem quite that tall from a distance. The elegance of its construction become more apparent and beautiful as I finally reached the base. I was elated with happiness and could not stop smiling. I still couldn't believe that I was finally there. We stayed under the tower for a little while and finally decided to venture back, however, not before we saw it shining at night. The elegance of the glow cascaded across the city and defined the fact that the Eiffel Tower is truly monumental. The next morning, a couple of us went to the top of the tower. We took the stairs to the second level which was a remarkable experience. It was exhilarating to be within the structure and see the connection, joints and construction of something so grand. We got to the second level and took the elevator up to the very top. There was nothing more than the spire rising above our heads. It was fantastic being so high and seeing the entire city. Paris is a beautiful place and it was quite apparent from that height. It was amazing standing at the top with the wind blowing my hair, redefining the element of just how high in the sky I was standing. I knew right then just how unforgettable of a moment it was. We finally made our decline down the tower, seeing the views of the city grow closer through the gaps in structure. We finally hit the ground filled and I was filled with excitement, knowing that I had not only accomplished a life goal but that I was about to have an amazing day walking through Paris.

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