ARS 03 - 04 - 2010

The design for my hometown project continues to make progress and develop from numerous inspirations. The project has a large focus on landscape and urban planning design, however, I have realized that there is still a necessity to make the overall complex one piece of architecture. I have received great inspiration from the complex in Rome by Renzo Piana called Parque Della Musica. This music performance complex is developed of three different buildings, however, they all work together along with the landscape and plaza areas and develop spaces indoor and out that allow for performances, socialization, and visual beauty. These aspects combine to make the entire area one overall place of exquisit architecture. I have also gained ideas from areas that have focus on water, whether it be a space on the edge of a body of water, or a place that simply contains visual aspects such as fountains. I have decided that I want to place a strong emphasis on the water that is currently on the site by expanding and making a large feature out of it. Water can be a theraputical element that provides visual beauty, relaxation, peaceful noise, and places to meet and gather. A final place that has led to a lot of ideas is the Jumbirah Center in Dubai. This complex rests along a small river of water that appears to be man made, much like mine will be. It is an area that contains numerous shops and restaurants, as well as public spaces such as an amphitheater and areas to sit on bean bags and relax with friends and family. At night, the area becomes a lively environment with music playing and lights shining throughout the stone structure. Adding these elements to the narrative and history of my home town has been somewhat difficult. I'd love to copy the aspects I have seen in these different places, but I know that they don't quite fit into the setting of my site. After looking harder at the history, narrative, and site, I have currently decided to put an emphasis on the aspect of the railroad. I would like to use train rail cars for the contruction of the buildings, allowing for relationships, contextual connections and sustainability all at the same time. There is still a lot to thing about and consider toward this project. I still feel a little out of my element designing something that combines all three disciplines as much as it does. However, the sites I have been seeing are greatly helping me in my thought process and are developing numerous ideas that will hopefully lead to an effective and unique design and an interesting architectural district within my town.

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