Design Woodburn, IN
ARS 01 - 22 - 2010

My hometown project is a combination of several elements, however, the main goal is to bring my community back together and return its sense of pride. I am proposing to develop a large community space that contains shops, possible restaurants, an exercise facility and other entertainment. The main focus, however, is to create a central node that will function as a place to bring people together and allow them to gather. A small farmer's market will take place within the design and the goal is to allow for multiple purposes that will allow the space to be utilized year round. Using the combination of urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture will cause me to think outside the realm of just architecture and help me to look more creatively as to how to use a combination of design aspects to bring people together. While in Barcelona, we came upon a pavilion that had a roof entirely of photovoltaic panels. This got my mind thinking about how I can use a structure within my design to provide energy for the entire space as well. The visual of photovoltaics can appear quite modern so I'm in the process of finding a way to blend them into the old visual that Woodburn contains. In contrast to this idea, I'm also considering having this design stand out as a special landmark and to allow it to make a statement within the fairly bland buildings in the city. It would be interesting to explore how I can use a structure to create a node within my site, develop an area for congregating and socializing, make a statement for the future and help create a green and sustainable space. Due to the small, local grocery store going out of business, the city is attempting to create a small farmer's market so residents of the city can still obtain fresh fruits and vegetables within the area. Currently there is no proper location for this to be set up and is taking place in the parking lot of the local gas station. This, in my opinion, is a great idea with a horrid location. By incorporating the market into my design, I can not only allow residents of the city to get fresh fruits and vegetables but possibly draw in people from surrounding cities that are looking for the same thing. Due to a farmer's market only being used during the warm months of the year, I want to be sure that the space isn't wasted during the winter. The idea of using the space for other activities such as for ice skating is also flowing through my mind. Throughout this project, it is important to remember the main goal of the design: to bring my community back together and to develop a place that will bring in more revenue to allow Woodburn to become the prosperous place it once used to be. The city is currently falling through our hands and it is time to pick up the pieces and reassemble them in a way that inspires and rejuvenates the little city.

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