ARR 03 - 11 - 2010

So we are now back into Europe and travelling through the Baltic States but have experienced vast changes in culture from Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and now Lithuania. We have seen the changes of modern to medieval and enjoyed the varying history and culture. However, they have all had one striking similarity in common, the layering of culture. I have really enjoyed experiencing the layering of architectural, landscape architecture, and planning from native-vernacular, to occupation (Soviet, Swedish, Polish, etc), and finally to modern. The effects have been overwhelming. As seen in the photo below of St. Petersburg the structure and form of the city astound me. You can see the influence of different periods of a countries history with internal influences such as the Bolshevik Revolution or the end of the Soviet regime to external influences like that of the art within the Hermitage museum from Italy by Michelangelo, also seen below. Whether internal or external influences, these northern European cultures have seen a layering of history, that as an historian and a landscape architect I greatly appreciate and have thoroughly enjoy. It expresses something about the richness of culture and the influence that we have as people on one another. It expresses how we value each otherís cultures, ideals, art, beliefs, and past. It will be interesting to see these changes through the other countries that will led us to the end of our journey.

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