ARR 02 - 07 - 2010

After traveling for over a month I have been exposed to hundreds of styles of design, those that have which inspired design and those that have inspired what not to design. It has been quite an experience of really understanding more about all areas of design. This experience has added more depth to my thinking about my thesis/hometown project. The possibilities seem endless now. My first study was focused around streetscapes and organizational systems. This would be applied to my downtown city square and my proposed new development for the abandoned 100 acres just south of the fairgrounds providing opportunities for entry into the city and a boost in economic viability. As seen below, various streetscapes were analyzed and considered for the city square in downtown Griggsville. While the current form of the downtown is focused around the truck. Due to its importance as a transportation/trade route for agricultural and non-agricultural goods, the truck needs to be considered in the new design, however, so does the pedestrian, the life of the street, and its rich history. Both alternatives below provide for the truck traffic at intersections but limit their importance as you continue up to the city center. Both provide engagement with the commercial front porches and give the importance back to the pedestrian on this originally planned 132' streetscape. These streetscapes were inspired from those in Spain and Italy. As seen to the right, two forms were selected from multiple experimentations as a potential structure for the new development area. Each has there pros and cons, however, they both connect to the fairgrounds and provide a great connection to the proposed light rail stop. Through these forms I hope to convey the feeling of community and the rural front porch. By providing an entry that connects people to their surrounds and a living room both outdoor and indoor space that provides opportunities to experience the place and then finally a "house" where one feels sheltered and at home. This progression can be seen in both experimentations that stem from various plazas in Spain, Monaco, Italy, and Greece. These alternatives will grow further as our journey progresses as next I will be exploring other parts of my master plan.

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