ARR 04 - 05 - 2010

Ah Paris. Wrapping up the last days of our trip, it has been a whirlwind of activity but every minute has been worth it. In Paris, there was too much to see and too much to do as it will be on the rest of the trip. However, spending more time in some amazing spaces far out reached if we were to see everything. One of my favorite places in Paris was the Museum of First Arts. It is a great example of how the built environment can merge with the natural environment in a sustainable way. The dynamics of the landscape make this space flowing, interesting, functional, and beautiful. As seen in the plan below- the building does not take over the whole site, in fact the balance is almost 50/50. The sketches show this interaction of built and natural as the forms move and interact with one another. This interaction was highlighted with the green wall that covered one of the sides of the Museum. The paths wind around the site creating the sense of the natural environment. The natural wetland area even supported wildlife within the city. I enjoyed how the public and semi-public areas were created with built paths and circular shaped seating areas. This created a contrast against the rectilinear forms of the building as seen in the sketch below. The colors and the textures added to the depth of the dimensions of the site, making the space feel larger. You felt totally surrounded within the space and separated from the city due to the native textures and neutral colors of the building. The solar lights that were integrated and hidden within the vegetation provided a neat effect at night reflecting off the building and the surrounding vegetation creating interesting shadows and dimensions of solid and void. This landscape provided interesting depth and dimension as well as sustainable principles and integration within its contrast that is one of the best examples of this harmony that I have seen on this trip.

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