ARE 03 - 31 - 2010

We have had many opportunities to see things that before were only scenes in a movie or images in a textbook. When we recognize something the most insignificant scene or piece of history becomes very exciting. We have hunted down many buildings that have been discussed in classes that we would not have looked for otherwise. It is also fun to see pictures and movies of places we have already been to and have our own experiences to recall. We often play catchphrase when we are waiting on a bus or train and we are able to use our own stories to refer to sights we have been to. The bottom image on the right is the Trojan horse that was used in the movie Troy. It is now sitting in Canakkale, Turkey, as a gift from the movie crew. We saw this giant movie prop on our way to our hotel after spending a day in what is suspected to have been Troy. In Munich, Germany, we had a beer at the Hofbrauhaus, where Hitler held his first coup to overthrow the government. In Poland we visited Auschwitz and walked through the barracks and torture cells of the Holocaust. The top image is a row of barracks in Auschwitz I. It is hard to describe the feeling of being in a scene from a movie or a historical place. You have the scene in your mind, you have seen the place being used, and you are sitting in it unoccupied. The event has subsided but there is still this intimacy, because this is as close as we will get to living it. Learning about a place in the actual space is different than learning about it from a text book. The information is more likely to stick. It becomes real, rather than being a parcel of information that you have to memorize.

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