ARE 02 - 27 - 2010

One concept of my hometown project is experiments with water - displaying water systems, movement, and management. We've seen many precedents in water movement and use during the trip - irrigation in the Mosque of Cordoba’s courtyard, gravity toilets, the Water Organ at Villa D' Este, flashy fountains in Dubai, Roman fountains, etc. People are attracted to water; it stimulates all the senses and does well to mask sounds of a crowd. At the Emirate Palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE, members of our group went out of their way to cross some stepping stones over the fountain on the stairs (pictured below). One of my design experiments for our Charrette is a ‘serving canal.’ Water moves objects along a narrow path for people to grab them at will. It evolved into a restaurant serving tool. Plates and fruit float along a narrow canal traveling beside and through tables for people to grab food as it passes. I found an example of this at a restaurant in the Mall of Dubai (pictured right).

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