ARA 03 - 30 - 2010

From the beginning of this project my design has been driven by a concept discovered through my interview with long time Lebanon resident Lois Schenck. Lois had told me all about the town of Lebanon as it was when she was growing up, and how when she was in high school there were two main hubs for the youth to hang out: the town square and the drive-in movie theater. What I found most interesting was how these two hubs fed off of eachother to create a lot of energy and positive interaction in the youth community. This is the driving force behind my project. Existing in Lebanon today is a park which offers fun activities like swimming, basketball, sand volleyball, and so on. I consider this to be one hub for students today. What's missing is a second hub, hince I have chosen a youth center as the main facility for my hometown project. To make this youth center work with the park I felt it should provide activities which the park does not have, such as a skatepark, fire pit, outdoor amphitheatre, adn various interactive water features. Inside might be a computer lab, arts center, food court, and study center. These activities in contrasting with those of the park should create the energy I desire and the youth community needs. The only thing missing was connectivity, so I've created a bikeway system modeled after Beijing's subway system. It works by a series of overlapping circuits which enable the larger part of the people of Lebanon to access the two sites by foot or bike. As I discussed in my previous analysis assignment, Beijing's subway system is very successful and makes it possible for people to commute all over the city with great ease. In order for my sites to function as hubs, they too needed to be accessible by all. By creating a second place for the youth to collaborate in their free time which offers a variety of activites that differ from those found at the current city park I believe that park and the youth center can work together to create the same energy Ms. Schenck had described from her years of youth. To achieve this would be to take Lebanon back to its roots and give the city a new spark.

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