Climate Design
ADB 03 - 14 - 2010

After experiencing multiple climate changes in a short period of time, issues surface regarding contextual design responding to specific climate characteristics. In other words, warmer regions deal with separate problems associated with weather than do colder countries. In Dubai, for example, designers address heat issues in creating comfortable escapes from the overbearing sun. They avoid glass facades or use shading mechanisms to achieve an enjoyable atmosphere. Also, with little precipitation, the area must be conservative when it comes to their water use. Some fountains and splashing water-features are not practical because of evaporation rates. In contrast, countries further north must consider snow or rain elements as there is more precipitation. They also must be aware of water features freezing in the colder months. To address these issues, designers might maximize sunlight potential. They may also reinforce overhead planes for the added weight of snow or design landscapes to accommodate snow piles. In any case, whether hot or cold, climate defines design, in more ways than one. S

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