Sketching Analysis
ADB 02 - 02 - 2010

In tuning my sketching skills throughout the world, I have come to note multiple different aspects of sketching that are important in the professional world. These ideas can be exemplified by the following images. The first image, on the right, depicts Pont de Guard in France (apologies for the vertical orientation of a horizontal drawing). The second, below, shows a view in the Acropolis in Greece. First of all, trying to recreate a detail or scene by hand forces a closer look and appreciation to detail that may have gone unnoticed without further analysis. Capturing such views through digital photography can be quite artistic. Yet, drawing the same view requires the artist to focus on the smaller characteristics, rather than the framed view or object as a whole. Next, it is important to realize the different capabilities of separate media. The sketches shown compare pencil to pen drawings. Shading is obviously a considerable difference between the two media. Pencil can provide subtle shading. Whereas, pen shading is much more deliberate. Thus, in the second Greek picture, I tried to focus less on light and shade realities, concentrating more on the details and form created in the scene. Another aspect which differs between the images is portraying background. In drawing Pont de Guard using pencil, I hinted at the background behind the structure with subtle shading. However, for the second example, I used lines in the cloudy sky to suggest a background that would not detract from the main focus of the drawing. Other differences I experimented with in these examples were framing, suggesting materials, contrasting nature with built form, and depicting depth. In analyzing these and other sketching techniques, I hope to tone the skills I have and tune into further aspects of drawing and analysis.

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