Ball State University’s (BSU) College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) has launched its sixteenth bi-yearly international study tour open to students in all three academic departments, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning. The program, initiated over thirty years ago, called “Polyark”, has evolved over the years from shorter single residential base study abroad formats to its current form as a fifteen-week intense global study tour - now adding the term “World Tour”. The students’ course work is woven inextricably into the intense day-by-day itinerary visiting places, spaces, design professionals, buildings, gardens, and vernacular environments - urban, rural, and natural. With the “world” as the classroom and curious minds wrestling with sketchbooks, traditional drawing media, and a collective dedication for ‘design’ to actuate more sustainable environments - a rich learning environment soars. Daily observing, reacting, recording, reflecting, and design experimentation frame the learning mosaic of the World Tour3/Polyark17 (WT3/P17) study team.

This WT3/P17 study team is comprised of two graduate students of Architecture, one graduate student of Landscape Architecture, twenty-one upper-level undergraduate students of Architecture, nine upper-level undergraduate students of Landscape Architecture, and two faculty directors – one from the CAP Architecture program and one from the CAP Landscape Architecture program (33 students; 2 faculty). The group is committed to a high standard of on-the-fly course work and is eager that any and all visitors utilize the “Feedback” link-button, to the left, to communicate ideas, impressions, and even constructive and positive critique of the course work examples reviewed herein.

To the many CAP alumni who participated in past “Polyark” study tours, we send our warmest regards and do hope you will enjoy peering into the unique set of design education experiences that this WT3/P17 group is encountering. To the current Spring Semester 2007 BSU community and especially the campus-based CAP students, faculty, and administration, the WT3/P17 team thanks each and every one of you for your support and your individual and collective ”believing” for our maximum learning experience and our safe travel here, there, and back to you all! We are aware that we have been given a great privilege to represent BSU/CAP afar, and we will do our best to “include” each of you in our trek through this web site. Please take a few minutes each day or each week to review the coursework and “feedback” to us your impressions and helpful advice.

Finally, the WT3/P17 team expresses its greatest thanks to the synergistic “giving” - recognizing the supportive parents and family members, various philanthropic community organizations, the care-full CAP administration, the gracious “Polyark” alumni scholarship donors, and the partnering spirit of the Ball State University , in general. For without the collective and essential educational backing for and financial support to the participants, the WT3/P17 tour and educational mission would not have been enabled! Thank you, one and all!!!