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Echoes of War: Stories from the BIG RED ONE

About The 1st Infantry Division

The 1st Infantry Division is an organization of approximately 20,000 soldiers organized to conduct sustained combat operations anywhere in the world. A division contains all of the types of units necessary on the battlefield: infantry, artillery, armor, engineers, aviation, intelligence, logistical and medical support and many others. The 1st Infantry Division was organized as the "First Division" on June 8, 1917, on the docks of Hoboken, NJ, just prior to sailing for France in World War I. It has been on continuous active duty ever since and has been "first" many times: first overseas and in combat in World Wars I and II; first ashore at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, in 1944; one of the first two combat divisions deployed to Vietnam in 1965. Called the "Big Red One" for the red numeral 1 that has been its shoulder patch since 1918, today's 1st Infantry Division is headquartered at Fort Riley, KS. Several of its constituent brigades including thousands of soldiers are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The important history of the Big Red One is one compelling example of courageous service to country provided by generations of Americans in all units and services.

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