Live Broadcast

As the broadcast date approaches, use these tips to make sure you're ready.

1. Schedule your class to watch the program Echoes of War airs at 1pm and 8pm Eastern on Thursday, September 27, 2007. You can watch this in your classroom or assign it to your students to watch during the evening as a homework assignment.

2. Methods to watch the program The show is accessible via your PBS station, satellite and web streaming. Choose the method that best suits your technology.

Not all areas will be able to view the program on PBS. Please contact your local PBS station to determine whether the Digital Media Experience can be broadcast on their network. For technical assistance you may direct the PBS station to WIPB-TV for any questions they have. Lori Georgi - or 765-285-2982

3. Student Interaction What makes "Echoes of War" so unique is the ability for students to participate in the broadcast by asking questions live to WWII veterans, Historians and Museum Curators. We encourage you to get your students involved.

Toll-Free Number for Call-in Questions


This is a two-way audio interactive component that lets the students talk live with the experts on-air.

Email Questions during the broadcast

Real-Time Discussion Forum- We wanted to make "Echoes of War: Stories from the Big Red One" as interactive as possible. So we created a discussion board to answer questions you have about the First Infantry Division and WWII. Norwich University's Military History Program will have experts answering your questions leading up to the broadcast, as well as continuing at least a week after the broadcast.