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From this management console you can change and manage your BSU Computer Username password. Use the links in the menu bar above to navigate. The sections below give a brief overview of the function of each link.

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If you know your current password you may change it any time you wish. You are encouraged to change your password periodically, especially after it has been automatically reset for you.
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Using the registered e-mail address for your BSU Computer Username (see below), you can have your password reset if you've forgotten it.
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In order to use the Forgotten Password feature, you are encouraged to register a LifeLine email address for your BSU Computer Username. This address must be one that does not require your BSU Computer Username and password to access (such as a Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo address). This email address can then be used in the future to reset and receive your password if you should ever forget it.
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Creating passwords that are difficult to compromise yet easy to remember can sometimes be challenging. Here you will find guidelines on choosing passwords that are both secure and memorable. Password rules and policies are also discussed.
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Frequently Asked Questions.