Ruth Peters Chapter
                                   @ Ball State University

What is NRHH?

Four Pillars




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Commitment Committee


What We Do

The commitment chair is responsible for instilling pride throughout the chapter.  The commitment chair plans and implements the chapterís induction ceremony along with the Induction Committee, as well as NRHH pride weeks along with the Pride Week Committee. The Commitment Committee also works to design and order chapter apparel each semester.


Pillar Points

Pillar points are given to members for participating in various NRHH Activities. The Commitment chair is in charge of keeping track of each members pillar points. You will start accumulating Pillar Points the semester after you are inducted. Each Chapter meeting you attend awards you Pillar points, but if you wear your NRHH pin you will receive double! Pillar points can be earned in many other ways such as participating in the Leadership Conference, Pride Week or service projects. Pillar Points count towards earning various prizes including an exclusive pillar point pin, memorable picture, and plaque!


Pride Week

Pride weeks serve as a way to unify and build spirit within our chapter.  A variety of activities are planned to gather chapter members in the fall to jumpstart the year and reminisce about the past year in the spring. Traditional activities include lunch at the Retreat in Noyer, NRHH apparel day, and pin wars. This year, we are hosting a Bowling Tournament in which each of the 4 families will go head to head!




The Induction ceremony is the first event that new NRHH members participate in! All of our executive members introduce their roles and explain what NRHH is. Inductees are commemorated for their achievements around campus, and a keynote speaker is featured at each Induction. We have so many cool ideas that are in the works for the upcoming Spring 2014 Induction, so stay tuned!


























Current Members of the Commitment Committee

Chair: Thomas Mikos